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Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise Opportunity at S.A.M is open to all individuals or companies who share a genuine passion for educating young minds. No doubt, as in any business, profit is important, but we at SAM insist that this must not be the only goal for our franchises. This is a business that may especially suit ex-teachers and educators, and/or qualified individuals who wish to take charge of their own destiny!

  • A world-class curriculum set apart from other franchises:
    Based on Singapore Math and developed by former school teachers and textbook publishers, the SAM thinking math program uses the coaching approach and the Concrete- Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to help children develop a positive attitude and a strong foundation in math. SAM complements all types of curricula - all schools within or outside of Singapore and supports all students - for reinforcement or enrichment.
  • Minimal initial fees:
    Our franchise fee comprises a low upfront fee and monthly royalty and technology fees. Most of your initial investment will go towards your center fit-out, rental, inventory, marketing, and working capital.
  • Comprehensive Business System and World-Class Training:
    Our cloud-based SAM 2.0 complete business system covers center management, student management, and course management. Our extensive training and support include online and onsite programs that will equip you with theoretical and practical knowledge to become successful in your business, covering Singapore math, coaching approach, lesson delivery, classroom management, marketing, and our business system
  • Franchise owner advised:
    Franchise owner advised being directly involved in the management of the business for a good support structure

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